MEG Mcclurg

Provisional psychologist

Meg completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at University of Newcastle in 2015 and is currently 24months into her provisional internship to become a fully registered psychologist.

Meg has been working at To The Edge High Performance Centre for the past 18 months as a provisional psychologist as well as at Focus Performance Psychology in Sydney, providing interventions to athletes and delivering team sessions and presentations. Meg has worked with athletes from a range of sports including gymnastics, motocross, mountain biking, hang-gliding, rowing, running, goalball, climbing, cheerleading and dancing – athletes ranging from local to world level competition. “I extend my gratitude to every athlete I work with for investing their time and energy into doing the (often) difficult work to understand their own inner experience and for training (or retraining) their mind to improve their performance and/or enjoyment of their sport/s.”


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