Do you suffer from neck pain or stiffness? Are your shoulders more hunched or rounded than they used to be?

Exercise is the best medicine for upper crossed syndrome. Some people may find discomfort in particular movements and with stretching, but it’s important to work on this to improve the condition. It’s important to warm up the surrounding tissues before performing many stretches and exercises. You can warm up either by gentle movement or even by taking a warm shower or bath before activity.

What’s In Your Tool Box?

The more time you spend with experts in different areas of your chosen field, the more you will hear the phrase, “there’s still so much I don’t know yet”. It’s amazing that you rarely hear this when surrounded by people with limited knowledge, yet hear it so often from real experts!

Instant Gratification or Long Term Gain, What’s More Important?

Instant gratification refers to the desire to attain something or behave in a way that, without much delay or adjournment, gives you an immediate feeling of happiness, fulfilment or pleasure. Sometimes when we engage in activities that provide instant gratification we do so at the expense of longer-term gain or we extend the time frame that it may take us to achieve something in the long term.

Is the anxiety I feel normal?

For some people anxiety causes mild discomfort, for others it is pervasive and unbearable. Anxiety can present as feeling worried, distressed, threatened, fearful, panicked or suffocated. It can present physically as feeling sick in the stomach, agitation, more fatigued than usual, irritable, difficulty sleeping or impaired concentration