To The Edge HPC

Who We Are
Here at To The Edge High Performance Centre, we take a sports science based approach to our training and programming. We have a team of performance experts that are dedicated to giving every athlete the opportunity to become a champion. Our goal is to push all our athletes to new realms of athletic performance. In doing so, we value the importance of getting to know every athlete that walks in our door. We want to know everything from their training and sporting history, how they move and function, how their mental framework guides their decisions, perceptions and sporting mentality, all the way down to what their favourite thing to do in their spare time is. We believe it is of the utmost importance to understand each athlete as an individual in order to help him or her on their journey to becoming the best athlete they can be.


High Performance Centre
Here at To The Edge High Performance Centre, we take a sports science based approach to our training and programming. Our staff are all tertiary level qualified within their respected fields of Strength and Conditioning, psychology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Our Head Coach Daniel has many years experience in motocross and off-road racing and is one of Australia’s top S&C coaches who specialises in motorcycle athletes. Daniel is one of only a handful of coaches in the Hunter with Level 2 accreditation with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). All our coaching staff are ASCA qualified and specialise in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting fundamentals. They also have extensive experience with and exposure to athletes across a range of sports.

We host regular novice powerlifting events for members as each member and athlete of the gym are all signed off as competent for each of the barbell movements.

To The Edge Core Values

Here at To The Edge High Performance Centre we strongly value the individual goals of each of our athletes and clients. Our coaches work closely with our athletes to design sport specific training programs relevant to the personal and professional goals of each individual. In taking a sports science approach to training and programming we use evidence-based research to guide our practices in relation to human movement and functioning. All athletes undergo our functional movement screening to identify any weaknesses in movement patterns, allowing us to prescribe exercises that correct dysfunctional movement, restore movement post injury and decrease the risk of injury through ensuring your body is strong and mobile.


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