Here at To The Edge High Performance Centre we strongly value the individual goals of each of our athletes and clients. Our coaches work closely with our athletes to design sport specific training programs relevant to the personal and professional goals of each individual.

Welcome to Australia’s first ever training facility dedicated to the progression of action sport athletes. Situated in Newcastle NSW, To The Edge High Performance Centre is a state of the art athletic development centre specialising in the strength and conditioning of individuals ready to unlock their complete human potential. Our team has built a reputation of working with the best athletes from motocross and off-road racing, surfing, skating, snow sports, wakeboarding, BMX and MTB. Our science based approach to training and programming ensures that each and every second spent in training is maximised and the systems for adequate recovery and balance are in place.

Here at To The Edge High Performance Centre, we understand what it means to truly embrace a high performance life. We have created the pillars of our high performance model covering;

  • Training and programming
  • Psychology
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention & Rehabilitation
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We have assembled a team of the most dedicated individuals to help you achieve your own personal goals.

Our team specialise in their respective fields of training and programming, psychology, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention and come together to cover all aspects of the high performance model.

Come and see how we do things differently. Come and see how we build champions.


When you join Athletes Authority, you’re joining the only gym in Sydney that’s built for you. We designed the gym from the ground up, knowing that we needed to go over and above every step of the way to make sure you get the best equipment, coaching, and advice. Since opening the gym, we’ve changed the lives of over 200 athletes and created a community like none other. Are you ready to become the best athlete you’ve ever been?


When you become part of the community here at To The Edge you become part of a culture that fosters and encourages high performance in every aspect of life. Our mission is to help all our athletes reach their goals, manage their training and recovery and adopt the mindset of a champion. We offer our athletes the best knowledge and environment to take their training and performance to the next level.

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Our registered psychologist works within the facility in a private clinic space and is a registered provider under Medicare. She provides one on one interventions to athletes and delivers team sessions and presentations. Some of the areas that our psychologist works across with athletes include, emotional and arousal regulation, anxiety management, mindfulness, attention and focus, dealing with pressure, developing a pre-performance routine, athlete’s self-concept and confidence.

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Jye has been part of our Elite Performance Program for 12 months. In that time we have seen Jye have massive breakthroughs in his motocross and supercross results. When Jye first came to us he had just begun racing in the U19 class at National level. His results initially were averaging around the top 20 for most races. It was going to be a huge learning curve for young Jye in the senior ranks! Through hard work and the guidance of Head Coach Daniel, Jye progressed his training intensity and work capacity to help give him the foundations, which he could take back to his on-bike training. Less than 12 months later he was a regular top 5 contender and Jye began to find himself on the podium in the same class at National level! The sky is the limit for this hard working young gun and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jye.


Rhiannan Iffland needs no introduction, she is the 4 time consecutive Redbull Cliff Diving World Champion. Rhiannan has seen much success in her already stellar career, and we are proud to work with and support such an elite athlete. Rhiannan came to us at the end of the 2017 season after she had suffered a severe muscular strain in competition, which almost ended her season. We were able to assist her into a rehabilitation program and continued to rebuild her strength through the 2017 off-season and into the 2018 pre-season. In 2018 and 2019 Rhi was again crowned the World Champion, the results of an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.


Tony is a professional wakeboarder from Newcastle who competes in America. He is an amazing human and an incredible athlete. Tony came to us at the end of 2017 after a season ending injury brought him home early. We began to work with Tony through his rehabilitation program and into building his off season strength and conditioning program. Tony was able to make a return to the World Tour for the 2018 season in which he finished the 2018 season in 3rd outright! For a young humble kid out of Newcastle to travel overseas and finish 3rd in the world is an amazing achievement and testament to Tony’s work ethic. Watch out for a world championship in the very near future!

What’s In Your Tool Box?

What’s In Your Tool Box?

The more time you spend with experts in different areas of your chosen field, the more you will hear the phrase, “there’s still so much I don’t know yet”. It’s amazing that you rarely hear this when surrounded by people with limited knowledge, yet hear it so often from real experts!

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